I must give a shout out to my trainer Soni, one of the best fitness professionals I’ve worked with – a trainer who is more than dedicated and lives and breathes clients’ fitness. I heard about Soni through word-of-mouth and there was a reason she was recommended through my local community, her reputation as ‘the’ trainer to go to is well earned.

Lydia Mint

My blood pressure was going through the roof high and I also experienced chest pain once in a while. I was sick of the way my body look and I knew it’s time for me to make changes.

During training, Soni always comes up with something new to challenge my body. Yet very encouraging and know when to pause and when to push a bit further. Being a mum herself, she understands what a mum is going through, I find that quite comforting. I totally enjoy the sessions with her.

The end result was beyond what I can comprehend. I lost more than 7kg. Now I am in love with exercise and enjoy the better healthy me. I am eating better and feeling lighter. My friends and family are impressed with the changes too. I highly recommend Soni.

Anne Power

Soni had contribute positively to my life last year. Firstly she brings out the best on me in every PT session.

Last year when I compete for Australian Curling Competition.

I felt honed it was the first time when curling that I was able to get weight on the broom as suddenly I found I have some arm muscles because Soni helped me build them. Thanks Soni

Client Review

I started training with Soni in March this year, on a 8 week challenge. I have been very happy with my results. I lost 6.7kg, 4.5% body fat and 7 cm off my waist.

I am stoked with the results.

Soni is really is a quiet achiever. She listens and understands what is needed. Her sessions are not easy, as you build up your strength you find Soni is ready with new challenges for you, she is very kind like that. Thanks Soni


I’ve been training with Soni for few months now, and i believe she is one of the most experience & committed trainer around. I started training twice a week. Really enjoyed the challenge in every session.

After getting my strength back i felt confident to training 3 time a week.

Soni is focus on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging & fun.

She is extremely reliable ,always set up & ready.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Soni as PT. If want to achieve your fitness and health goals Soni is the one.


I have always been into health and fitness and regularly worked out, however recently I put on a few KG’s that I wanted to shed. I wanted to find extra motivation as I was sick of my normal routine so I engaged Soni to help me.

She helped me get my nutrition on track by providing me with a plan – I’m not going to lie it was difficult to follow at times but Soni was great and encouraged me
to keep going and explained the ‘why’ behind the what.

The training sessions were fantastic – the customised workouts help me progress every time and i really enjoyed the workouts. I feel a lot stronger than I did and this helps me in all aspects of my life, including my running training.

I recommended Soni for anyone who is serious about fitness and getting results.


I was tired of wearing the same maternity pants and feeding tops, there was no way I was going to invest in a whole new wardrobe.

Instead I invested on myself!

Small but significant changes can be made within weeks. Soni is so committed that it helped me stay focused on my goals.

I love the workout she prescribed me. I feel so much stronger and fitter these days.

I’ve been a gym junkie; a triathlete and have done many many aerobics and less Mills group classes in the past.

I also trained with Soni during my 4th pregnancy up to 35 weeks. Without her support and encouragement, I would not have been able to maintain my health and exercise regime, resulting to an extremely speedy recovery!

The physiotherapist visited just before I was discharged from the hospital. She was well impressed with my deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor strength.

The difference between Soni and big group classes is the attention and efficiency I get from her sessions. I’m ashamed to admit that I do slack off in group classes leading to poor technique and resulting in injuries. In Soni’s small classes, I know she’s vigilantly improving on my techniques; hence resulting in a more productive sessions thus burning more calories.

Soni is very understanding, caring and engaging; with her help it is really possible to make changes to your lifestyle and health.

Dani Matthews

I trained with Soni just over 2 months ago. Although it has been hard, taken commitment, change within myself and challenged what I know… I have loved every minute of it! The care and support doesn’t just stop at the training, the knowledge of nutrition and general health that she has shared for free with training, makes her different from a lot of other trainers! She cares almost more for you than you do yourself! Anytime I walk into her beautiful studio I feel safe, comfortable and at home! Anyone serious about getting your body goals in order, I would highly recommend this kind and determined trainer to anyone I know! Thank you Soni for being you, and for being such a huge part of my road to health and fitness!

Shila Barack

Marketing Manager of Well & Good

This is the person to enlist when you want to change your lifestyle you health and body. Soni is a motivator, a professional and fun person to work with.

I’ve lost 14kg and going strong. I recommend Soni to anyone serious about training and getting fit.

Michelle Wilson

When I started training with Soni I was not in a good place mentally, physically and emotionally. I was the heaviest weight I’d ever been, my self esteem was at an all time low and I wasn’t eating most days in an effort to starve myself as a form of self harm.

Never at anytime in anyway have I felt judge by Soni, I have received nothing but positive encouragement, & example. With the help of Soni I have lost 10kg toned my body & lost many cm from everywhere, I’m much happier in myself & Soni has got me eating again, I went from eating maybe 1 meal a day to now eating 5-6 little meals each & every day. Our session are full of sweat, tears & lots of laughter.

Something I’ve found unique about Soni is she seems to sense your limits, physically, but for me it was her sense of my mental limits that was my saving grace.

I could never thank Soni enough for saving me from myself. Everything she does comes from a place of warmth, passion & caring about the wellbeing of others.

Thank you for giving me my life back.

Andre Estrella

I must give a shout out to my trainer Soni, one of the best fitness professionals I’ve worked with – a trainer who is more than dedicated and lives and breathes clients’ fitness. I heard about Soni through word-of-mouth and there was a reason she was recommended through my local community, her reputation as ‘the’ trainer to go to is well earned.

There are times in our lives that everything synchronises.

I spent most of my adult life struggling with self-confidence, weight gain and procrastination.

When young I was fitter and stronger, so I had that good taste in my memory.

January 2015 Soni crossed my way and my life has changed upside down since.

She is the most amazing, caring and dedicated coach I have ever met.

She supported me along my journey with exercises, nutrition tips and much more. The outcome is not about my weight loss because I actually gained much more other things then I lost. I gained strength, self-confidence, drive, action, motivation, and eager to never give up. All of this due to her commitment and drive to make me a better person every day.

Soni is lovely human being and an amazing and powerful coach. I am happy for losing 45 kg of weight however I am eternally grateful for bringing myself back to me. Thanks Soni for the strength and preparation for the triathlon 2016.