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Our gold Plan is our most popular option which includes 3 face-to-face sessions with Soni in our private training studio. Your personalised nutrition plan and high-level tracking software will maximise your results and leave you in awe of how much progress can be made in a 12-week period.

Whether you have a wedding coming up and you want to look amazing for your special day, or you simply want to improve every aspect of your life, BFS will help transform your body and mind.

The gold PLAN includes:


3 X 1on1 PT training Session per week

  • Your personalised nutrition account delivered with the best software
  • Monthly Body Composition analysis
  • Personalised training program developed by Soni
  • Full guidance through the process to monitor your progress, answer any questions encourage accountability and ensure lasting results.

12 weeks duration

Remember: You are the only person who can take action and change habits. However we can help make it that much easier!


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